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"Tech Talk: Overheating Problems" by Dick Trenk 10/01/2002

With the full heat of the summer upon most of us, this seems an appropriate time to discuss overheating problems...

A Cheap Heater Element Replacement For XK 140's (and maybe others) - Ed Nantes 01/20/2002

Heater cores, like radiator cores, can corrode and leak. Expensive replacements are available ex UK, but here's a cheap alternative...

"Setting Valve Clearances" by Dick Trenk 01/01/2000

Many methods are available to the backyard mechanic when it comes to setting valve clearances. Some are good, some are fair, others are downright stupid and dangerous...

"Mixing Cylinder Heads" by Jim Patterson 10/01/1998

Jaguar engines are blessed with a certain degree of interchangeability but the idea can be a minefield.

Letter from Ed Nantes of Australia 10/01/1997

Dear Sir, I read with interest your article in the recent issue of the N&TB about SS Chassis 18008.

ELECTRICS - by Jack Hilton 11/01/1989

We are all sufficiently bored with all the cute cliches conderning Lucas Electrics...

Tech-service - CARBURETOR JET NEEDLES 11/01/1989

When your carburetor jet metering needles wear out because of improper centering and/or bending, you must replace them...

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