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are Ed's answers to the technical questions posed by Ken Hubble 09/01/2004

Recently I had to remove the fan belt to repair a faulty water pump seal and discovered a radial crack completely through the rubber up to the braided outer band...

Installing The Old Convex Core Plugs - by Ed Nantes 09/01/2004

This is an issue, which aroused passions when I mentioned it on a Jag-Lovers post early this year. The plugs I refer to are the older type...

Useful stuff about O.H.V. valve gear - By Ed Nantes 06/01/2004

The overhead valve heads used on 2.5 litre SS - Mk5 's were an OHV conversion made for the side valve...

Beam Front Axles: SS & MK4 - by Ed Nantes 02/01/2004

A bit of background first ... The axles are individually numbered, so if matching NOS is your forte, that's another set to worry about. The axle beams for all 6-cylinder OHV cars...

XK 120 "Bits & Pieces" - by Bruce Carachan 02/01/2004

For those of you that are into restoring an XK 120, or just maintaining one, here are some tips on keeping these great cars into top shape. After a head gasket failure in 2000, which damaged a piston...

An Easy Conversion for Mk 4/5 Thermostats - Ed Nantes 10/01/2003

An Easy Conversion for Mk 4/5 Thermostats - Ed Nantes

The Overheating Debate - by John Elmes, of Sydney 03/01/2003

Nearly three years ago Ian and I bought a beautiful red 1955 concours XK140 DHC. It was so fabulous that we decided to buy another, a little less wonderful - one that we could drive anytime anywhere without being worried about it.

"SS Oil Filters" by Ed Nantes 10/01/2002

There seems to be some confusion about the different model oil filters used on side valve and pushrod cars to the extent that later replacements are now thought of as original...

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