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Jaguar Book Reviews - By Dave Hobson 12/01/2005

Books Reviewed:

John Heileg: JAGUAR
Published by Motor Books International 1997
ISBN 0-7603-0352-5

Eric Dymock: THE JAGUAR FILE All models since 1922
Published by Dove Publishing Feb. 2001
(2nd edition) ISBN 0-9534142-2-1

Here's When Quality Counts... - Ed Nantes 88 Melbourne, Australia 12/01/2005

A friend who has pre-war Alfa's and drives them vigorously, was telling me about wheel troubles he'd had. Driving his car in the Tassie Targa, he'd had a wheel split around the centre...

SS I & II 75th Anniversary Celebrations in 2006 - by Nic Drukker 10/01/2005

2006 is the 75th Anniversary of the introduction of the first cars made by what would become Jaguar. The SSI and II models were announced in September 1931, and, although production did not get into full swing until 1932...

Relentlessly Pursuing Oil Leaks in 1937 Engines - By Ed Nantes 10/01/2005

The early SS Jag engines having no oil filter, and at some time through the run of first 'short block' 2 112 engines, a Tecalemit filter was introduced. At first mounted on a bracket on the block and connected by inlet and outlet pipes...


In the last couple of weeks, two things came up separately regarding cooling of our cars. Firstly, Roger Walker, at the local garage, had rebuilt his Mk V engine. The sort of rebuild that was only going to be a new clutch, but one thing lead to another

Jaguar Reviews: Installment #3 - by David Hobson DDS 09/01/2005


For a change of pace from the previous reviews of books, I thought something about the resources available for Jaguar enthusiasts on-line would be worth looking at...

Reinventing the Wheel - by Ed Nantes 09/01/2005

The steering wheels in older Jags will often be tired and suffer problems which are common to models up to XK120. The black celluloid covering will be damaged and/or...

Some of the Oldest Tricks in the Book (and how to miss them by thaaaat much) - by Ed Nantes 09/01/2005

The oldest trap applies to Pushrod Jaguar engines. Six cylinder cars had three blocks to hold the cam followers...

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