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A Swallow Saga - By David Harrison, VJC President 10/01/2007

Shakespeare said "One Swallow doth not a summer make". He was wrong, my summer was definitely made when I acquired a 1929 Austin Swallow two seat roadster from a fellow VJC memmber...

Engine Pipes and What we Did... - by Ed Nantes 55 Australia 10/01/2007

Engine pipes and what we did ... Sadly, backing up the new driveway in the Mk IV, the exhaust caught on the joint of the footpath and pulled the right hand exhaust system off and kinked the rear engine down pipe...

Old Carbies - by Ed Nantes 55 Australia 10/01/2007

The Victorian Jag Concours was a nice relaxing day today, helped greatly by an outright first for the SS 1 Tourer. During the day I sat talking to Ian Ruffley, the manufacturer of old SU carbies used by Vintagents, who race desirable motors in the UK and Australian Historic racing world.

Jaguar's Haggis-Bashers - by David Harrison 09/01/2007

Scotland is famous for a certain libation, bagpipes, a dish composed of oatmeal and innards in a sheep's stomach and Ecurie Ecosse. Ecurie Ecosse was Scotland's first (and last) national racing team, and was the 1952 brainchild of David Murray and Wilkie Wilkinson.

Running Board Strips - Ed Nantes SS Melbourne, Australia 09/01/2007

Prior to MkV's all Jaguar / SS's had running board strips. On the post side-valve cars, i.e. SS Jaguars and Mk IV's, the strips were brass extru­sions with a ribbed rubber inlay. And because they often were trodden on, they can now be a bit tired and dis­tressed.

Beautiful Bodies, And How To Get Them - Ed Nantes 06/01/2007

The following are some generalised comments on repair of older cars...

Filter Canisters - Ed Nantes 06/01/2007

These are the ones with the top edge turned at 90 degrees to make a lip...

Jaguar Engine Longevity - Part #1 - by David Hobson 12/01/2005

Though it may not be well known among even Jaguar aficionados, certain Jaguar engines have had some serious problems over the years. And surprisingly, the most significant problems may well be in the most recent engines! I refer specifically to the early V-8 engines...

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